About Us


It all began when my daughter Rachel, who was 15 at the time said, "Mom, my heart is telling me to go to Ethiopia."

After two years of searching and many different service trips in between, I finally found a "family" mission trip to Ethiopia.  Unfortunately, they only had space for two people which was common, so I knew that if I wanted my whole family to return I would have to make contacts and learn how to organize my own service trip.  What I didn't anticipate was how my heart would ache and open for these beautiful Ethiopian people.  In fact, on the last day that Rachel and I were in Dessie in July 2006 I wrote in my journal, "Tomorrow we head for Addis Ababa, but where are we really headed?  What are the next steps we're going to take? What is God's plan for us now that He has blessed us with this extraordinary experience?"   

My family returned to Ethiopia just six months later to work with 650 day students and 100 vocational students.  Two months later my son, Jacob and I met with the President of Hope Enterprises with a variety of proposals to help our Ethiopian friends. Through that meeting developed the idea of starting a night school in Dessie.  Within months Kee Konnections, Inc. was formed and six months later the first and only Night School for Women Enslaved in Servitude in Dessie, Ethiopia was established with 120 students and 3 grade levels. The following year the number of students doubled with a waiting list and soon thereafter grades 4 and 5 were added.

But it doesn't end there! We currently have MORE Initiatives -- from Ethiopia to Juarez, Mexico, and right here at home in San Francisco.

"The First Trip" - June 2006