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Connecting to People -- Connecting to God

The deep desire to connect, to love and be loved, is the most powerful longing of the soul. Our need for community with people and the God who made us is to the human spirit what air, water and food are to the human body. Kee Konnections is a small grass roots non-profit organization whose purpose is to love God and love others by building connections in our community, with communities throughout the world, and with God.

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Our Mission
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It's our mission to love and serve others around the world, to build lasting friendships and to share our abundant blessings. Our goal? Simple. Connecting to People, Connecting to God. Kee Konnections is an organization dedicated to serving others, one person at a time.

The Night School
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Evidence shows that educating girls and women is one of the best investments to create a positive change in the developing world.
By educating these women you are giving them dignity, community, hope, and joy, and ultimately transforming a society!

Donate Today!
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Studies have shown that small grassroots efforts, like ours, achieve more positive change in developing countries than U.N. Conferences or lobbying for new laws. Please help us sustain our organization by donating today. Every dollar you donate goes directly to our programs.