Our Main Initiative -- The Night School


Hope Night School will begin its eighth year in September 2014.

Kee Konnections in partnership with Hope Enterprises continues to address the basic rights of discriminated girls and women by providing education in a safe and encouraging environment.

A total of 258 girls are enrolled in the Night School. The students receive their education Monday-Friday from 5:30-7:30pm. The school employs six of the top day school teachers and one coordinator for grade levels 1-5. All students are provided with the necessary educational materials. The students learn: Amharic (Ethiopian National Language), English, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Science, Family Planning, Reproductive Health (which includes ending Female Genital Mutilation, FGM), STD and HIV/AIDS prevention, and Basic Hygiene. The Night School students work with day school students in drama and literature club.

In addition to basic education, the school provides life skills training. Each month a meeting is conducted with the Night School students to address issues that the students face. During these meetings students raise common concerns about dropping out and how they can overcome this problem. HOPE is working with the local government body (the Kebele) to meet with each home worker’s “master” to discuss the importance of education. HOPE is also educating students on how to protect themselves from any gender based attacks. Far too often women are desperate and feel they would have more opportunity in the Middle East, when in fact they risk much more hardship, such as abuse or even murder. There are many stories of women in Ethiopia who travel to the Middle East in hopes of a better life, only to find out that they were given false information concerning the surrounding countries and exploited and deceived by sex traffickers.

Each quarter an assessment is undertaken to evaluate the performance of the students. Monthly tests and midterms are administered. In addition, the school is monitored by supervisors from the Woreda Education Bureau. Government officials expressed their gratitude for advancing the rights of women and girls which will improve their society. They also said Kee Konnections, in partnership with Hope Enterprises, is the only local NGO that addresses these issues and conducts this program in Dessie, and they are going to use it as a model program.