Welcome to Dessie, Ethiopia

Our first initiative lies in Dessie, where we have three primary projects, starting with The Night School.


In October 2007, Kee Konnections, Inc., with our in-country partner HOPE Enterprises, started the first and only Night School in Dessie, Ethiopia. The school exists to educate women who are enslaved in servitude and do not have an opportunity for education during the day. The Night School for Domestic Women began with 120 students and now has approximately 250 students, as well as a waiting list. The Night School, which has four grade levels, currently instructs students in Amharic (Ethiopian national language), English, Mathematics, and Environmental Science. In addition, they are given education on family planning, reproductive health, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention, FGM (female genital mutilation) and basic hygiene. All of the beneficiaries have been provided with the necessary educational materials. Once they have graduated they will be able to pursue additional government education or pursue better jobs through the employment services of HOPE Enterprises.
As of January 2014, over 120 students have graduated since the school’s founding.

Our second project involves working closely with HOPE Enterprises in their ongoing work at HOPE Day School.


Kimm Edwards', Kee Konnections, Inc. founders', first trip to Ethiopia was in June 2006, working at HOPE Day School in Dessie. The school has ten grades totally 650 students and a vocational school of 100 students all run by Hope Enterprises. The poorest of the poor are chosen to attend the school free of charge. The students are given two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), a uniform, medical care and a top rate education. Many students who graduate from HOPE are able to attend Universities. Kee Konnections' Teams bring hundreds of supplies to Dessie and work with each class in arts, crafts, science and mathematics. We also play indoor and outdoor games which include prizes, like soccer balls, and show movies with popcorn and candy. Each student is also given by KEE a gift such as book bags, pencil pouches filled with school materials, hats etc. It's always a joy to work with these students.

Our third major project is helping those who are physically and mentally handicapped and the street children -- The Feeding Center.


In October 2009, HOPE established the only feeding center in Dessie, Ethiopia which provides breakfast and lunch, informal education and counseling to 300 street children; and lunch to 300 adults six days a week. Most of the recipients are physically or mentally disabled. HOPE provides medical services and health education. Each trip we work at the Feeding Center, talk with the recipients, and meet with the program director to discuss what improvements are necessary. Kee Konnections, Inc. has been able to provide the materials and labor for a new oven to be built on the premises, shelves to store the food and cooking items, a roof/awning so the recipients would not get wet while waiting in line to receive their meal, educational supplies, and a laptop computer so that the manager of the Feeding Center can track all of the beneficiaries, all the various programs, and all of the distributed food. Our hearts go out to these dear people and we would like to continue to help in anyway possible.

We are in the process of working with local authorities on a variety of projects -- The Dessie Regional Prison.

ImageGovernment officials from the Prison Bureau have seen Kee Konnections' work with the Night School. They asked us to visit the Dessie Prison in the hope that we could help the prisoners with rehabilitation and bedding. The demographics of the prison are approximately 1200 men and 20 women, most of whom are imprisoned for debt. We are in the process of exploring different avenues to assist the Prison Bureau.

Welcome to Juarez, Mexico

A partnership with Mission Ministries has led us to our neighbors to the south, building homes for those in need.


Our second initiative is in Juarez, Mexico. Kee Konnections partners with Mission Ministries to build homes for families who live in packing creates and cardboard boxes. In addition to building houses, we get to connect with the children of Juarez by providing a food outreach program which includes enjoying games, building crafts, and playing sports. Our favorite part of our trips to Juarez is always when we get to hand the keys to the grateful and loving family. That moment will always be imbedded in our memories.

And welcome home, to the San Francisco Bay

Not only is Kee Konnections a global outreach organization, but it's also dedicated to helping right here at home -- The San Francisco Bay Area.


Our third initiative is caring for the people near our home in the Bay Area. Kee Konnections partnered with Beyond Borders, a club at Burlingame High School, to bring food to the homeless, music to the elderly, and gratitude to our Veterans. Currently we have a program called the “Lunch Bunch” that purchases, packs, and delivers lunches and toiletries to the homeless in San Francisco, as well as other programs such as brunch buffets and barbeques. The key is to connect to others around us by letting them know that we care.